Red Hot Chili from Cashel Vale

Chili woont bij liesbeth

Story of Chili.

Chili is born on 1 june 2012. Her mother is Mackenzie. Mackenzie was in labor but lost a lot of green fluid. So much that we where afraid that her puppies would be harmed. The vet recommended a c-section. I knew this vet for a long time, 14 years. But never done a s-section in her clinic because she didn’t had the equipment for it. But now she had expand her clinic. So I thought the dogs wil be there for good vet care. She gave Mackenzie anaesthesia, and started the c-section. I saw right away that she was not was given enough because she was completely awake. I told her to give Mackenzie more, she told me that she could not give more. What could I do!!!!! I couldn’t go away because she already was cutting in Mackenzie. So you wil understand that this was a horror c-section. I was so angry!!! And couldn’t do anything at this moment.

One puppy she throw away on the side for dead, the puppy start walking a few moments later………Mackenzie almost escaped from the table. I have to run to her to keep her on the table.

After the c-section I let her already now that I was very angry at her for the way she did the c-section.

I went home with Mackenzie and her 5 puppy’s. 4 Boys and 1 girl. At home I looked at the puppies and saw that the girl was missing two toes at her back leg !! You could see that they were cut off. The line was straight and there where fresh little crusts. I let another vet look at her toes, and he confirmed that it was a knife cut. I told him the story of the c-section and he was in shock. I wanted (the vet who did the c-section) to be responsible. Well that was a long fight!!!!!!

Lucky Mackenzie recovers well and did a great job with her puppy’s!!

But the little girl without the two toes was staying, she needed more care to grow up. So I decided the best place for her was with me. We started with good movement and a chiropractor. The chiropractor will check her every 3 months to look if she is keeping her body in balance. For her movement she go’s every day the forest. When she is running she will use her foot correct. And now we started therapy swimming. All the people involved in this puppy do all care for her. And all of us are convinced that she will make it. She is now almost 5 months.

So don’t forget the name from this little girl:

Her name is Chili, Red Hot Chili from Cashel Vale. And I hope everyone wil cross her fingers for her that she may grow up as a healty dog that enjoys life!!! Minder weergeven

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